Dr. Gabriele Maria Sigg

Philosopher & Sociologist

Current Work & Focus

Editor in Chief  | 2023 – present 

Beautyfull Life Magazine

Writing a book about feminine access to knowledge and feminine philosophy presented in a novel.
Probably published in 2024

Academic Background

Lecturer at World Ethos Institute, University of Tübingen | 2019 – present

Lecturer at Department of Education and Social Sciences, University of Cologne | 2020 – 2021

Lecturer at Department for Cultural Sciences, University of Regensburg | 2018 – 2019

Ph.D. in Sociology / Philosophy at Humboldt-University in Berlin | Topic “Honor as a Basis of Society and bridging East & West” | German-Turkish Supervisor Team (Mimar-Sinan University of Fine Arts Istanbul) | 2012 – 2017

M.A. in Sociology / Cultural Sciences at Regensburg University | 2004 – 2009

Additional Studies in Philosophy & Ethics at Regensburg University | 2005 – 2008

Intercultural Experiences

Spain | Several stays from early childhood on, intercultural exchange with the Au-Pair-child of my oldest sister, so Spain become my second home | 1990 – 2003 | 2022 – present

Turkey | Research for my Ph.D.-thesis, several long term stays (8 months+) and fieldwork on the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul | 2008 – 2015 | present

Greece | Several long-term  stays for deepening my understanding of Ancient Greek Philosophy | 2016 – 2022

New Zealand | Work & Travel after I finished my A-level | 2003 – 2004

Costa Rica & Mexiko | Deepening my understanding on Feminine & Masculine Cultures | 2022 – 2023

Several holidays in countries like Italy, Hungary, Ireland e.g.

Language Skills: German (Mother tongue), English (Fluent), Spanish & Turkish (Intermediate), Greek (Beginner)


Ph.D. Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom | 2014 – 2016

Erasmus+ for Practical Training at the Goethe Institute in Istanbul,Turkey | 2008

DAAD | German Academic Exchange Service | Language Scholarship for Learning Turkish in Istanbul | 2008

Selection of Articles

The Educational Review (US)

The Honourable Merchant. Why We Not Only Need to Educate Our Minds, But Also Our Hearts


A Beautyfull Life (US)

The ABC’s of Feeling

Enlightenment 2.0: Dare to Feel!

Intuition – The Feminine Form of Knowledge

Honor and Sense of Honor: Your journey to the sacred heart

Consciousness & Science Magazine (GER)
(Print & Online)

Honor and Dignity

Visionen. Spirit & Soul (GER) (Print & Online)

Thinking Truth or Feeling Truth?


Tattva Viveka. German Magazine for Science & Spirituality (Print & Online)

Several Articles: www.tattva.de/tag/gabriele-sigg/


"And since the middle has no name, the extremes seem to fight over it as if it were unoccupied. But where there is excess and deficiency, there is also a middle."

The Nicomachean Ethics 350 B.C.
Friedrich Schiller
"Reason has done what it can do, when it finds and establishes the law. It is the courageous will and the living feeling that must carry it out. If the Enlightenment has so far proved its victorious power so little, this is not due to the intellect, which did not know how to unveil it, but to the heart, which closed itself to it."

Aesthetical Letters 1759
Adam Smith
"How selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it except the pleasure of seeing it."

The Theory of Moral Sentiments 1759
Georg Simmel
"The one taken into apprenticeship with a master thereby became a member of his family, etc.; in short, professional employment centralized the whole life, the political and heart life often included, in the most energetic way."

Sociology 1908
Hannah Arendt
"Every man, it was assumed, carried within himself a voice that told him what was right and what was wrong, and this regardless of the law of the land and the voices of his fellows."

Some Thoughts of Moral Philosophy 1965

Who is behind this idea?

Dr. Gabriele Maria Sigg studied philosophy and sociology, investigating honor as the basis of a just and healthy society as her PhD work. She is an expert in Greek philosophy as well as “Deutsche Geisteswissenschaft” (German Spiritual Science) and translates the original Western ideas of spiritual and personal character development for a fulfilled life into modern language. Through personal experience and her professional expertise in philosophy and sociology, she envisioned the importance of emotional education to not repeat the unproductive cycles of male-female / matriarchy-patriarchy / mind-emotional-polarization. Instead it is her mission to create a balanced society that embodies love, freedom and honor (justice). 

Published Books

Dr. Peter Michel
Dear Greek soul!! It was with pleasure that I edited your book. It looks like it has skipped 2500 years and rushed straight from the Parthenon to my Bavarian Village.”

Publisher "Honor & Algorithm"
Prof. Dr. Wilfried Bernhardt
It is precisely through emotional education, as a complement to rationality, that can help understand and respond to people's souls in Non-Western Societies. However, it is also essential in Western societies - as an important complement to thinking.

Prof. Dr. Peter Hubral
I view Gabriele, like myself, a spiritual revolutionist who aims at making the world a better place to live in. She offers in her articles and books solutions to its realization. One of her major topics is "balancing the female and male polarities".

Geophysicist & Dao-Practitioner
Dr. Sebastian Gietl​
“An important book at the right time! [...] Thank you for this reading.” ("Honor revisited")

Bavarian Yearbook of Ethnography
Mariette Leners
„Think with your heart, feel with your brain!“ That is how your seminars feel like. Your Courses clearly stand out from other seminars and possibly point in a new direction on unresigned paths.

Professional Musician & Student
Andreas Seiverth
“It would be wished for that [...] the critical food for thought [...] find resonance in adult education science.” ("Emotional Education")

Forum Adult Education
“Thanks to your coaching I finally experienced, what a decision from the rational mind and what a decision from the soul is like.”

Voice Coach
“Cultivating Heart Qualities was something completely new for me and I shared that knowledge with my friends. Never did a seminar change and shape myself and my social circle so deeply positive like yours”

Mail: gabriele.sigg@emotional-education.org